Forge of Rogbrok - Now on DMs Guild

The Forge of Rogbrok is now available in PDF-format on the DMs Guild. It's the same adventure as on the web page, but a bit more neatly formatted. Otherwise, everything is there - maps, characters and even the paper minis.

It's "Pay what you want", so you can get it for free, but if you're so inclined, feel free to leave a little donation.

D&D Basic - NPC Gallery: Mountain Dwarf Thug

With their superior strength, constitution and weapon and armour proficiencies, the dwarf thug is an even tougher cookie than their human counterpart. Luckily dwarven society frowns upon such behavior, but once in a while even a dwarf is down on his luck, and needs to retort to less than honorable means to make ends meet.

D&D Basic - NPC Gallery: Thug

Thugs are one step up on the chain of low-lives for the common bandit. What they lack in finesse, they make up in brawn.

Any character who's made an enemy of some local personality, should probably watch their backs, especially in low lit alleys, in case a band of hired muscle should show up, just to teach someone to mind their own buisness.

D&D Basic - NPC Gallery: Halfling Bandit

Bandits come in all shapes and sizes, and don't let the small size fool you...

D&D Basic - NPC Gallery: Bandit

While monsters are the hallmark of any fantasy role playing game, in many instances other human (and demi-human) opponents may make up just as much the opposition to any player character. Especially in low fantasy settings, these might make up the bulk of any opposition the players face.

Bandits, simple thieves and ruffians, living at odds with the law are the simplest form of human adversery any adventurer might face. Poorly trained and equipped, they're mostly dangerous in great numbers.

Forge of Rogbrok - Paper minis

Two sheets of paper minis from the Forge of Rogbrok adventure, that can be printed and used if you want. Just print, cut, fold and supply your own bases!  Should cover all the keyed encounters.

Forge of Rogrbrok maps

Here are the complete maps for the Forge of Rogbrok adventure collected on one printable sheet. In case anyone is wondering, from the top you have the side view, level 1, level 2 and level 3 respectively.

D&D Basic Adventure (1st level): The Forge of Rogbrok

This is a small adventure for 1st-level characters, created entirely using the D&D Basic Rules. It should give a group of four 1st level characters enough experience points to advance to second level. By adding or removing a few monsters, it could probably be a good challenge for more or fewer characters.

Should you need, you can use the pre-generated characters found here.