D&D Basic Monsters: Blood Hawk

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Blood Hawks appeared first in the 1st edition Fiend Folio. There they're described as having razor sharp beaks, unusually strong talons and the wingspan of an eagle. Blood Hawks supposedly have a fondness for gemstones, often plucked from the bodies of slain enemies, and male Blood Hawks use these gems to adorn their nests in order to attract the attention of female mates.
An interesting thing to note is that the Fiend Folio describes their coloration as "uniform medium grey", whereas the 5th edition rules say they take the name "from its crimson feathers (and aggressive behavior)".

Also appearing here is the raven - probably most often seen as familiars to wizards. Apparently familiars can't make attacks, but they have to defend themselves from time to time.

 (Obviously a raven familiar has intellectual capacities far above the common wild variety). 

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  1. Thanks for the info. I just reached level 3 with my Ranger and was looking into potential beast companions. Blood Hawk is my #1 choice so far.