D&D Basic Monsters: Goblins

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Prepare for the goblin invasion!

Goblins are mythical creatures dating back at least as far as the middle ages, and in D&D they're as old as the game itself (or even older, as they appeared in Chainmail, D&D's predecessor), appearing in the original white box from 1974 (where they were described simply as "small monsters").

In most editions of D&D (including the original Monster Manual) goblins are described as having yellow, orange or red skin, , though in art (and in 4th edition and Pathfinder) they're almost as often depicted with green skin - possibly owing to the Green Goblin of Marvel and Spider-Man fame.

The design of the goblin has varied largely from edition to edition, often becoming quite iconic for that edition (like the massive headed goblins from Pathfinder). Not all renditions are quite as successful though, and the goblin from the 2nd edition Monstrous Manual might possibly be the worst monster illustration in the history of official D&D (that being said, I love the work of Tony Diterlizzi, and his illustations were really defining of the later era of 2nd edition, but that goblin....).

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