D&D Basic Monsters: Hobgoblin

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Next out, the Hobgoblin in one of the staple humanoid monster races of D&D tracing its roots back to the early beginnings. Larger than goblins and more organised than orcs they're often organised in well formed armies or serve as body guards.

In the original Monster Manual they were given quite an oriental look, with armour and gear that were somewhat remenicent of the Mongol warriors of Ghengis Khan or even the japanese samurai, while this one has gear more resembling a legionnaire of the late Roman Empire.

In folklore the heobgoblin was a smaller creature living on farms and houses (hob possibly meaning house or home, so a "house-goblin") playing tricks on the inhabitants, a bit like a mischievous brownie or sprite. In Shakespeare, the character of Puck from "A Midsummernight's Dream" is said to be a hobgobli.

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