D&D Basic Monsters: Orc

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The orc is perhaps the most iconic of all the fantasy humanoid races in D&D, and while they can trace their origins back to old English and Anglo-Saxon sources, the orc as it is known in D&D and other role playing games, definitively take their inspiration from the orcs of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Their appearance seems to vary quite a bit for source to source. One aspect that seems to vary a lot, is how porcine they are in appearance. The original Monster Manual merely states that they have pink snouts, and the second edition Monstrous Manual even notes that comparison with pigs are exaggerated and perhaps unfair.

In the D&D Basic bestiary however, they're described as having "stooped postures, piggish faces, and prominent teeth that resemble tusks", so the one depicted here gets to look quite the pig.

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