Inktober Monstrosities: E for Eye of the Deep

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The Eye of the Deep is the aquatic cousin of one of the most iconic D&D monsters, the Beholder. It first appeared in the Greyhawk supplement of the OD&D, and then in the first edition Monster Manual, and again in second edition Monstrous Manual. By the time third edition came around, it was only covered in one of the more obscure splash books (Lords of Madness), until it sank into more or less complete obscurity, overshadowed by other beholder-kin like the Spectator and the Gazer.

Somewhat like a mix between a lobster, a beholder and a deep sea angler fish, this creature should be enough give the most hardened adventurer nightmares. The original version could use hold person and hold monster from its eye stalks, but they were probably a tad too similar, so in the third edition version the hold person ray was swapped for a single person version of cone of cold. For this 5th edition version, I've changed it a something more like the Beholder's enervation ray.

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