Inktober Monstrosities: I for Ibrandlin

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You'll be forgiven if you've never heard about the Ibrandlin, but as it turned out, finding a good monster for the letter i turned out to be quite a challenge (especially once it turned out that my original choice, the ixitxachiitl, actually had been covered in the Rage of Demons adventure).

The ibrandlin originally appeared in the first Ruins of the Undermountain boxed set in 1991, and then again for 3rd edition in the Monsters of Faerun book. In appearance they are said to look like fire lizards with long, thick tails, or wingless red dragons. Apparently they are bred as temple guardians by the priests of Ibrandul, a Forgotten Realms god of caverns, dragons and the underdark.

Seemingly tied to the infamous Undermountain, Wizards of the Coast might of course revive these beasts in their upcoming Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage, set just there. If so, remember, you saw it here first....

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