DnD Basic Rules: Grimbok, Dwarf Cleric

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 Grimbok, dwarven cleric of "Ghrondal - father of Dwarves" (or Moradin in most mainstream campaigns).

Fearless, stubborn and devout, Grimbok served as spiritual guide and healer for a platoon of dwarf soldiers, until he was captured by a band of orcs. While he managed to escape, the shame of having been captured on duty led him to seek a life of adventuring, rather than rejoining his troop.
Personality traits: Determined to regain his honor, he stubbornly and fearlessly confronts any enemy that comes his way. Grimbok is a great believer of spreading his deity's faith mainly by mightily smiting any enemies of the dwarves (including goblinoids, orcs, giants and dragons). Fond of strong spirits and good food, he can be quite jovial around those he considers his friends, once he lets his guard down.
Ideals: Grimbok holds honor and responsibility above all else.  As a soldier he would follow orders without question, but now, having struck out on his own, he still tries to live by the tenets of his faith and the powers that be.
Bonds: Grimbok would never break an oath or a promise to a friend (of course, any dwarf knows a promise given to an orc does not count....)

Flaws: His determination and stubbornness does manifest in a total inability to admit to any fault. Grimbok would rather eat his beard (sacred to any dwarf) or armor, rather than admit he is wrong. This might cause some tension withing the group at times, but some (especially Ash Burrfoot, the halfling rouge) have found ways to exploit this trait to their advantage.

His character sheet (level 1) looks as follows (Created using the  free "Basic Rules for Dungeons and Dragons" from Wizards of the Coast.)

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