DnD Basic Rules: Yawalii, High Elf Fighter

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Following on from two weeks ago, presenting Yawalii, the high-elf fighter.

Relying more on finesse and cunning than brawn and force, she is still accurate and deadly, if somewhat naive and indecisive. She was born the only child of elven nobles, and grew up within the confines of the secret elven city of Gwandatholiir. A constant dreamer, she eloped from her family to see the world outside the elven realms, and to make it a better place for everyone.
Personality traits: Having been brought up in a very secluded and sheltered environment she has a very naive and rosy view of the world, thinking everyone to essentially good-natured. She will treat everyone as her equals, and thinks those less privileged than herself has only reached this state through some unfortunate mishap. 
Ideals: Convinced the plight of those of lesser standing are merely the result of bad luck and accident, Yawalii strives endlessly to fight for those less fortunate than her.
Bonds: Yawalii feels compelled to step up to defend the downtrodden and the underdog. While she doesn't really see herself as a hero, she nevertheless always yearns to be admired for her deeds -though to her the admiration and gratitude is often reward enough.
Flaws: Her naivety combined with her privileged childhood, has led her to believe that the world in many ways revolves around her, and that her mere presence is enough to resolve any situation. While her grace and beauty many times will do the trick, she is often left frustrated and paralyzed (not as per the condition) when this does not happen.

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