DnD Basic Rules: Ash Burrfoot, Halfling Rogue

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Meet Ash Burrfoot, halfling rogue and folk hero.

Light fingered, quick witted and inquisitive, but sometimes too curious, Ash Burrfoot is often the driving force for finding adventure (and trouble) for the party. Raised in quiet rural surroundings, Ash made a name for himself locally by distributing large sums of money he claimed he had cleverly stolen from a local bandit lord among the poorer peasants. In truth the money had been stolen from bandits, but only moments after the bandits themselves had stolen it from the local lord. The ensuing 'confusion' of how the money went missing, made Ash unpopular with both the local authorities and the bandit lord, though he is still held in high regard with most common people.

Personality traits: Always craving adventure and excitement. Ash is constantly on the lookout for new opportunities. He has a tendency to be impatient and get bored easily, often taking rash decisions and running headlong into trouble. 

Ideals: Ash values his freedom above all, but his disdain for tyranny and oppression run deeper, and he will readily stand up for anyone brought low by those abusing their power.

Bonds: Ash's dislike of abusive power stems from personal experiences - in his youth he and his family was beaten and threatened by roaming bandits. Unable to do anything then, he now seeks a symbolic revenge on any power bully he encounters.

Flaws: Ash's heroic deed was neither as heroic or great as he might have led people to believe. In truth he hijacked a wagon-load of money stolen by bandits only moments earlier, as the bandits turned their attention to fending off reinforcements to the caravan guards. Since the money really belonged to a local noble, his actions made him very unpopular among both the bandits and the nobility - forcing him to flee and take up a life of adventuring. This has made it virtually impossible for Ash to go back to his old home, and there is also a real threat that either of the insulted parties will send someone after him one day

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