DnD Basic Rules: Wenderlyn Guildenstone, human wizard

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Pedantic and scatterbrained, with a special love of spells that burn, flash or blow things up. He has a tendency to always have the wrong spells prepared, and a bad habit of miscalculating spell trajectories. An apprentice wizard, Wenderlyn was thrown out of the Academy of Magic for blowing up the alchemy labs once too often.
He is kept in check by his trusted familiar Eldecrynn the Raven.
Personality traits: While intelligent Wenderlyn isn't really the most bookish and theoretical of wizards, preferring to make his own mistakes (something he does often). This doesn't stop him from wanting to appear more scholarly than he really is, and he has a tendency to use polysyllabic words (often incorrectly) when speaking, and constantly (mis)quote famous literary works.
Ideals: Wenderlyn believes there should be no limits to the use and study of magic. As such he has a stubborn resent for authorities, especially those limiting the use of magic. 
Bonds: Before he was kicked out of the Academy of Magic, Wenderlyn managed to procure an ancient tome of magic. Currently way beyond his ability to comprehend, he's constantly poring over it, trying to glean its secrets, certain that it will unlock some incredibly potent and powerful magical secrets.
Flaws: Wenderlyn's brash manner and slightly awkward demeanor means he has a tendency to both speak and act without considering the consequences. 

His character sheet (level 1) looks like this (created using the free "Basic Rules for Dungeons and Dragons" from Wizards of the Coast.) (*):

(*) Feather Fall and Find Familiar are not part of the D&D Basic Rules, but like Wenderlyn we like to bend the rules once in a while...

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