D&D Basic Monsters: Giant Toad

Another giant animal, the giant toad hail back to the original Monster Manual, however unlike the Giant Frog, the Giant Toad did not originally have the ability to swallow creatures whole.

While the main difference between giant toads and giant frogs in D&D is their size, and what size adventurers they can swallow, the real difference between frogs and toads lie in their preferred habitat (toads are adapted to living in dry environments, whereas frogs need to live in or by water), the smoothness of their skin and their ability to jump (toads aren't really that great at jumping). Both frogs and toads can secrete poison, and though most toads have poison glands behind their eyes, the poison dart frog is more poisonous than any toad.

In real life, the largest toads around in the infamous cane toad the can grow up to 25 cm in length, which incidentally is smaller than the largest frog, the goliath frog, that can reach up to 32 cm in length.


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