DnD Basic Rules: Golldir, Dwarf Fighter

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Meet Golldir, dwarf axe-maid of the once proud Skörprun-clan.

Fierce and loyal, Golldir grew up the only female among nine younger brothers. Not content to be meek, or be bullied, she became every bit as tough as any of her brothers, and could match each one of them in any form of combat. Despite her superior skill and strength, Golldir still found that she was never considered the equal of her brothers among the tradition bound dwarves, and so in the end, she sought to make a name for herself adventuring.
Personality traits: No great intellectual, Golldir always prefers the simplest, most direct way of solving any problem, be that charging headlong, axe raised, into multitudes of enemies, or knocking through that door to get in. Roundabout solutions have no appeal to her, and she abhorrs subterfuge and deception.

Ideals: Though she left dwarven society because she didn't really fit in, she holds a great pride in anything dwarven, and will defend 'dwarfdom' for anyone and any thing. Those few individuals of other races she deems worthy to associate with, she thinks of as "honorary dwarves".

Bonds: She is slow to trust others, but once given she will defend her allies to the bitter end.

Flaws: Just like her bond to her allies and comrades are unflinching, so is her hatred to those she deems to be enemies - be that enemies of dwarves in general or to her and her fellow adventurers. This hatred can become so deep and unreasoning, that she might charge blindly to face them, regardless of the odds, unless someone can check her rage.

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