DnD Basic Rules: Ghalan, elf cleric

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Possessing great insight and wisdom,Ghalan is an elven cleric of the Goddess of the Woods.

Ghalans parents were set upon and killed by fierce wargs while travelling the Deepenwoods. Before the wargs were able to devour the infant they carried with the, priests of the Forest Mother came to the rescue, and chased the beasts away. The child was raised among the priests, and instructed in their ways. Now his training is complete, and he is ready to experience the world outside.

Personality traits: Deeply spiritual, Ghalan sees omens and portents in nearly everything.  While some might find this somewhat frustrating at times, it means he is acutely aware of his surroundings, and able to see subtle connections, invisible to others.

Ideals: The Forest mother teaches the cycles of the seasons and life and death. Stagnation brings nothing new, and ultimately decay. Ghalan applies these same principles to everything around him, seeking to shake up and change anything that risks becoming to rigid.

Bonds: Ghalan holds the priests that rescued and raised him in very high regard. While the teachings of the Forest  Mother decree that he go out and experience the world, he is feels a very strong bond to those who saved him as an infant, and would drop anything to come to their aid if needed.

Flaws: Having been brought up among pious and devout priests, Ghalan has been filled with high expectations of those around him. His disapointment is clearly visible should his companions fail to uphold the highest of standards. Still, for all his harsh judgement of others, that is nothing compared to the standards he holds for himself - he will beat himself up for event the tiniest mistake, and seek to atone for his faults, even for transgressions most people would not think twice about.

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