D&D Basic Monsters: Giant Goat

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The Giant Goat might have a relatively anonymous place in the history of D&D, but it actually featured in the original Monster Manual from 1977, smack between the Gnome and the Goblin.

Unlike most other giant animals, the Giant Goat doesn't really have any real-life, giant sized, prehistoric counterpart, being a relatively recent species.

Goats were probably one of the earliest types of animals domesticated by humans, and goat-like features, such as hooves, the goatee beard and horns, are common aspects of many mythical creatures, such as the satyrs and many depictions of devils, or even Satan himself. 

Other mythical goats include Tanngrisir and Tanngnjostr, the two giant goats that pulled the chariot of the Norse god Thor across the skies.

Finally, the largest goat of the Three Billy Goats Gruff could probably be said to be a Giant Goat, though purely game stat wise, despite its size, the Giant Goat would probably not stand much of a chance against a Troll in combat

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