Inktober Monstrosities: A for Achaierai

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A slight change of pace for October month - inktober monstrosities. These are weird monsters done in black and white, chosen from monsters not appearing in the official rules (so far). While many of them have some conversion done, somewhere on the internet, I'm having a go at converting them myself too.

First out, starting alphabetically, is the Achaierai - first appearing in the Fiend Folio, and making it into the 3rd edition Monster Manual before falling out of grace. Described as a spherical head-body, with a powerful beak and a feathery crest, atop four long legsending in strong claws.

Its weirdness probably hasn't made it the most popular of D&D monsters, but makes it a perfect start for Inktober Monstrosities.

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